Where I can find My little Nature

You will find us

VILNIUS, Lithuania

Vilniaus dailiųjų amatų asociacija, Savičiaus g. 10, Vilnius
FASHION SQUARE parduotuvė , NORDIKA prekybos centre, Vikingų g. 3, kasdien 10-22h. 

NIDA, Lithuania

Kuršių nerijos nacionalinio parko direkcijos Turizmo ir informacijos centras, Naglių g. 8
SalaNida pasakų namelis, Taikos g. 11
Nidos kultūros ir turizmo informacijos centras AGILA, Taikos g. 4


Our Journey and Mission
At My Little Nature, our mission is to immortalize the very essence of nature's wonderment, meticulously crafting each piece of jewelry as a masterpiece of wearable art. 

A Pledge to Our Planet
We hold an unwavering commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our jewelry not only captures nature's magnificence but also mirrors our resolute dedication to safeguarding and cherishing our precious planet. With every piece, you carry a piece of this commitment with you.

Elegance in Uniqueness
It is with immense pride that we announce the patented registration of our jewelry designs, a testament to their distinctiveness and exclusivity. Our devotion to innovation and artistic ingenuity has been celebrated, further enhancing the value of our exquisite jewelry collection.

A Connection to Beauty
Whether you seek a daily adornment or a special occasion piece, I am confident that My Little Nature's jewelry will forge an intimate connection between you and the splendor that surrounds us. Each creation is a manifestation of my unwavering passion, a sentiment I am profoundly grateful to share. May these pieces infuse your life with joy and radiance, just as they do mine.

We are proud to announce that our jewelry designs are patented, ensuring their uniqueness and exclusivity. Our commitment to innovation and creativity has been recognized for providing added value to our exquisite jewelry collection.

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey through nature's grace, transformed into wearable treasures.