Where I can find My little Nature

You will find us

VILNIUS, Lithuania

Vilniaus dailiųjų amatų asociacija, Savičiaus g. 10, Vilnius
FASHION SQUARE parduotuvė , NORDIKA prekybos centre, Vikingų g. 3, kasdien 10-22h. 

NIDA, Lithuania

Kuršių nerijos nacionalinio parko direkcijos Turizmo ir informacijos centras, Naglių g. 8
SalaNida pasakų namelis, Taikos g. 11
Nidos kultūros ir turizmo informacijos centras AGILA, Taikos g. 4


My little Nature jewelry is like a piece of elegant magic in your jewelry box! Our handmade accessories contain a little bit of real nature that never wanes and shrivels – we feature plants, stones, seashells and sand, all of these components are meaningful in their own way.  My little Nature is like a Little Secret that we can carry with us. This is by no means simple jewelry – every filling is carefully chosen and has certain magic powers. We create accessories that help to bring luck, protect their wearers from those who wish them harm, from illnesses and misfortunes, help to find peace and true love. Carefully selected elements of nature will become an impressive centerpiece of your style!

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