Amulet with Baltic amber

Amulet with Baltic amber

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It is said that amber is not only the stone of happiness and health, but also a talisman of love, capable of inspiring attraction to the one its wearer admires. It is a beautiful symbol of undying love that overcomes every obstacle, reminding us that love does not care about differences in rank and status or follow rules imposed by the society.
Amber is the stone of those who believe in passionate and eternal love. 

Item specifics: Stainless steel, iron chain, glass, natural Baltic amber

Size: 30mm

Iron chain length ~ 90cm

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My little Nature jewelry is like a piece of elegant magic in your jewelry box! Our handmade accessories contain a little bit of real nature that never wanes and shrivels – we feature plants, stones, seashells and sand, all of these components are meaningful in their own way.  My little Nature is like a Little Secret that we can carry with us. This is by no means simple jewelry – every filling is carefully chosen and has certain magic powers. We create accessories that help to bring luck, protect their wearers from those who wish them harm, from illnesses and misfortunes, help to find peace and true love. Carefully selected elements of nature will become an impressive centerpiece of your style!

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